My Large Shoe Find! Women Try this Trick.

Recently I went shopping for new tennis shoes, I knew in my mind what kind of shoe I was looking for and I was determined to find the ones that I wanted and find a pair that would fit. I was looking for the Yeezy type style of shoe, I would call it something different but I’m not sure what that would be lol.

My feet are big….ladies you may be able to relate. Before I had my child I wore a size 9 post child I wear an 11 if I can’t find a 10 WW. I also have one foot that tends to be larger than the other and on top of that at times I have swollen feet if I have too much salt in my diet. Yes the struggle is real! It has been crazy for me but I will not let it stop me from wearing shoes that don’t make me look like a granny.

After trying on shoes in my size in the women’s department I started to get discouraged because I couldn’t get the shoe on or if it was a lace up shoe the tongue looked too small and you could see my foot where the tongue should be covering it up. That was it I couldn’t go any bigger in women’s as they only went up to an 11. So I strolled over to the men’s side remembering that men’s sizes are 2 sizes lower than women’s and I might just come up on something, it was worth a try! So I looked for a size 9 in the shoe I wanted and tried it on. I couldn’t get it on the top of my foot just couldn’t squeeze past the narrow opening so I tried on a 10 which gave me more room sort of like a WW and YESSSS success!! Finally the shoe fit and it felt amazing and I looked cute!

The moral of the story is your size is on the other side. I just needed to make a few adjustments to find the shoe that would fit and apparently that meant purchasing a mans shoe. No shame in my game! Just make sure the shoes look like unisex shoes and you’re good to go! See my new shoes below…I’m happy!


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