How You Can Empower Women to Live Their Best Life

Don't Hate Congratulate

It's 2019 and women are making things happen overnight! Women are succeeding and becoming millionaires and billionaires at record speed! Women are doing the damn thing for real for real and it's time that the world take notice that we did not come here to play!

But how did women get to this place....it wasn't just the grind and hustle but it was also the other women rallying behind them and pushing them to keep going! Women empower women! And if you are not empowering women to live their best life then what's the issue sis? These days we need our sistah's to hold us down and hold us accountable for what we say we are going to do.

3 Ways to Empower Women

  1. Become an accountability partner. Having an accountability partner, who is someone that will check in with you on a regular basis to make sure you have not given up on your goal, is key when you are working towards your dreams. Meet with your partner and discuss your steps that need to be taken to reach your goal so you can ask how they are coming along with each goal and then you can determine how you can assist. Sometimes just having a listening ear can be of service.
  2. Send notes of encouragement. The smallest setback can cause someone to lose all hope, so giving women continuous support and encouragement can go a long way and help improve self-esteem. Text or call your friends and tell them how awesome they are from time to time!
  3. Share your story or your testimony. Stories are one of the best ways to relate to someone and let them know where you have been and how you have overcome. People relate to what's real and sharing stories that are uplifting and empowering can provide the courage someone needs to finish what they have started.

Got it? Good!

Honestly it's really simple...do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. You know what it's like to have others pour into you and lift you up. You know how encouragement has helped you, so make sure you are reciprocating. Oh and one more thing, do for others without expecting anything back. Helping someone out of the goodness of your heart is an absolute blessing and a deed that does not go unknown. The feeling you get from seeing someone you stepped in and encouraged succeed should be more than enough to make your heart smile.Your blessings are coming!

God is in her she will not fail. Psalm 46:5

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