Relationship, Single Mom Podcast

Episode 6: Why Do We Complicate Relationships-I Just Want to Take Care of My Man

I know you saw that I said I just want to take care of my man and thought seriously girl…that’s what you want…Listen I don’t mean it in the way you think. I’m not building a man or taking care of some bum…no mamm! I’m taking care of my man because we are partners in this. Loving someone involves taking …

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Financial, Single Mom Podcast

Episode 5: Discuss Finances With Your Children

Discussing finances with your children should happen early. It’s important for children to understand the concept of money and how it is used in addition to understanding credit. They should have a solid knowledge well before highschool to prepare them for adulthood. This will in turn alleviate issues with bad credit starting at a young age. They need to understand …

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