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The Crayon Case: Makeup Review

The Crayon Case is Lit!!

Alright ya'll it took me awhile to get on board, but I'm on and totally a fan of the Crayon Case Makeup, so I had to get on here and give my review. In case you don't know The Crayon Case was started by an amazing woman by the name of Wuzzam Supa former name is Raynell Steward, out of New Orlearns who quickly made a name for herself and sales have been off the charts for her! Last November her Black Friday sales reached a million dollars in 90 minutes! Amazing right!

To be honest I fell off the makeup bandwagon for awhile and really wasn't interested in buying any new makeup so at that time I wasn't really pressed to get it although I did try from time to time to purchase the infamous Box of Crayons palette but each time I went to the website it was out of stock...which just shows how popular it was.

Fast forward to this past week, my life has forever been changed!!  I placed an order for the Box of Crayons palette, The Matte Book Palette, the Whiteout eyeliner, and 2 Liquid lipsticks as soon as they arrived it was on!!

I couldn't wait to try them out for myself! I went on instagram to get some inspiration on looks to create with the palettes and went from there. I first opened the Box of Crayons palette and fell in love with all the beautiful colors that reflected all the colors in a crayon box. The colors are beautiful and blend very smoothly. I do recommend using an eyeshadow primer for the colors to really pop and not putting on your full face first with foundation and only do your eyes first due to fall out.

Here's my first look using the Box of Crayons palette and the White out eyeliner which I absolutely adore!

But hold you see those lips!! I was very impressed with the Liquid Matte Lipsticks I tried an ombre look using Holly Grove and Fruits! As with all liquid lipsticks I recommend making sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized well before applying. To exfoliate I use a little coconut oil and brown sugar! Easy and simple. Moisturize with your favorite lip balm...I'm an EOS fan.

For my next 2 looks I used The Matte Book palette. These shades are highly pigmented, there is fall out so I suggest the same as I did above for the Box of Crayons palette. Matte eyeshadows are my favorite although I do love a bomb glitter!

This look reminded me of fire! It was definitely Haawwwtt!!  For my lips I used Younique's Splash liquid lipstick in Stubborn which I believe is no longer available (bummer).

Another Matte Book Look that gave me Valentine's Day vibes!! I really love how blendable these shadows are this look is very soft and I love it!

Sorry I'm not sure what my lip color is I believe I received it in an Ipsy bag but everything has rubbed off of the container...I also used Revlon photo ready Eye Art in Burnished Bling for that small hint of glitter.

Overall I'm excited about this line and I can't wait to grab more products and try out the entire line!

I look forward to sharing more reviews with you soon. Let me know if you have any requests!


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